A social group for women survivors of sexual abuse


Survivors Together is a group for women survivors of sexual abuse. Based in East London, we offer the chance to meet socially for support and a sense of being together with other survivors. Here's what's new…


According to the Home Office, there are more than 2 million adult male survivors of sexual abuse in the UK.

There is now a new and valuable support resource available for men in East London. It's called Clinic26 and is the first clinic in the country to offer support for men who have suffered historical sexual abuse.

Clinic26 has recently opened at The Royal London Hospital and was set up in partnership with the charity Survivors UK to provide sexual health services and counselling to men of all ages. The clinic offers 45 minute appointment slots and runs on the last Monday of each month from 1.15 - 5pm at the Ambrose King Centre in Whitechapel.

We wish Clinic26 every success and thanks for providing this valuable support resource for men in East London. 




Charity No. 1141487

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